What’s all this, then?

OX4li is an URL shortener. Unlike most URL shorteners, it does not log people’s private information. Some of its other features are:

  • Proper 301 redirects which is better for SEO.
  • Allows custom URLs.
  • Spam URLs are automatically rejected by SURBL.
  • Full unicode support: so you can put wacky characters in your custom URLs.
  • Records number of times an URL is visited — just add /stats to the end of your shortened URL.
  • Kitten redirects — just add /kitteh to the end of your URL.
  • Generate QR codes for people with mobile phones — just add /qr to the end of your shortened URL.
  • OX4li is Free Software. You can download the source code and make your own shortener.

Features that I will probably add include

  • Automatic domain expiry.
  • Automatic spam link removal.
  • Public short URL creation API.
  • Ability to proxy links through an anonymizer. If I can find one that doesn’t log.
  • White labelling.
  • Dump of data publicaly archived somehow. Possibly with urlte.am or with 301works.

I will keep the project going if people use it. Probably.